The love story

The idea about älska was born in 2012 on a sunny terrace in Stockholm. You know one of those afternoons when you love life and your imagination just starts spinning…

The thing about this special occasion though, is that the dreams and visions actually turned into reality.

The idea was to create the best-tasting fruit cider you will ever pour down your throat packed in a Swedish, unique and modern brand.

The result is älska, a natural and vegan-friendly cider.

älska is all about pure love and top quality. You see, älska is the Swedish word for love and we truly believe in spreading pure love all over the world.

Hope you enjoy, and see you around!

All you need is älska!

Cheers, the älska team


  • Älska is Swedish for love and is pronounced “el:ska”


  • Älska cider was developed to be “sessionable” - light, fruity and refreshing


  • Älska is made with a premium cider base, combining a range of natural fruit flavours


  • Älska cider has the perfect balance between unique fruit combinations, not to overpower the taste buds