Make yummy Jell-O shots with älska Cider

Take advantage of what’s left of summer, and get ready for late-night summer parties with these smashing Älska Jell-O Shots.

To make approximately 24 shots, you’ll need:

1 Älska Cider Ginger & Lemon

1 Älska Cider Strawberry & Lime

Gelatine or a substitute if you are making vegan-friendly shots

2 dl or 1/3 cup Vodka (choose your favourite brand)

Raspberries and lemongrass for garnishing

Heat up one bottle of Älska Cider Ginger & Lemon, but make sure to not let it boil. When the liquid is warm, stir in as much gelatin as indicated on the package, and let it cool down. Heat up the other bottle of Älska Cider Strawberry & Lime and do the same, add gelatine and let it cool down.

When the liquid has cooled down, stir in vodka in both and pour into small beverages. Garnish with Raspberries in the Strawberry & Lime shot, and lemongrass in the Ginger & Lemon shot. Put into a refrigerator or cool area for about 4 hours, and enjoy together with your friends. Share your results with us on Instagram by tagging @alskacider

The älska cider team