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Passionfruit & Apple Basil Smash

Impress your friends and family with a smashing älska Cider drink at your next entertaining. To make four Passionfruit & Apple Basil Smash you’ll need: älska Cider Passionfruit & Apple 20cl Tequila 12cl Lime juice …

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330ml can summer flavours

älska cider proudly presents our new limited edition summer flavours in a new format, 330ml cans. Perfect for a summer home party, picknick at the beach or just as a cold one after a long…

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Make yummy Jell-O shots with älska Cider

Take advantage of what’s left of summer, and get ready for late-night summer parties with these smashing Älska Jell-O Shots. To make approximately 24 shots, you’ll need: 1 Älska Cider Ginger & Lemon 1 Älska…

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